How it Started

In 1978 Stuart Alan Lerner walked into the maintenance department of his textile processing plant and saw two pieces of metal sitting on a work table that looked like shoes, found two pieces of pipe that he stuck into the screw holes on top and low and behold he had legs. He completed the little robot in about a week, not knowing this would be the start of a 30-year passion in creativity and sculpture.

How I do it

Over the years he has taught himself to be a fine craftsman with degrees from technical schools. He travels far and wide to antique shows, scrap metal yards, town dumps, barns, tag sales and garage sales to buy unusual metal pieces and everyday metallic items to use in his whimsical sculptures and flower vases.

Where I live

His recent move to the Connecticut Shoreline has given him the opportunity to open his own gallery in art minded Madison which is famous for its Sculpture Mile and art centers.

Getting Creative

“It’s something I see, it’s all visual. At the end of every work day, I go up to the studio and move pieces around. I make faces, flowers or animals. I always have at least a dozen pieces in work. Sometimes it takes years to find the right pieces. I try to find a theme or a concept that I can make humurous. Sometimes it’s the story behind the found objects, or it’s the meaning behind the titles, or the evolution of the sculpture, that captures my imagination. I love to tell the stories of how each one was created.”